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GCSE and GCE Certificates – Summer 2016
These are now available for collection from the main office. Certificates are the property of the student named on them and the student must sign for them on receipt. If a student wishes to ask someone else to collect them on their behalf then the person collecting them needs to have ID and a signed permission note from the student.

Exams and Bad Weather
In the event of bad weather in the region and the school being closed on exam days we will still attempt to open so that students have the opportunity to sit their exams. Students should report to the exam venue as previously advised by 8:50am for a morning exam and 12:50pm for an afternoon exam. Please note that students arriving late may not be able to sit the examination.

Students should not risk their safety to get to school if the conditions are particularly bad either in the area in which they live or around school. If a student misses or is late for an exam for any reason it is not possible for them to take it on another day. We can apply for special consideration in some situations but essentially exams that have been missed can only be retaken the following year. 


Students are only allowed to write with a black pen for all external exams. Students should come to their exams with all the equipment they need including black pens, pencils, mathematical equipment, a calculator and any other permitted equipment for specific exams. All equipment must be brought into the exam room in a transparent pencil case. Students are allowed to bring bottled water into exams but the bottles must not have any labels on them. Students must not bring a mobile phone, a smart watch or any other internet-enabled device into the exam room – doing so would almost certainly result in disqualification.

DDA Access Policy for Examinations
St Wilfrid's is committed to equality of opportunity and is keen to promote a learning and working environment that is inclusive, celebrates diversity and does not discriminate against any group. Please see the full policy which is available below. 


2017 Summer Exams
The summer exams begin on 15/5/17 and end on 29/6/17.


2017 Summer Exam Timetable

The latest draft of the timetable for this summer’s exams is now available here. This reflects entries made on our system up to 21/2/17.



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