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At St Wilfrid's we are proud of the standards of the Academy uniform which our students continue to achieve.  The attitude, behaviour, appearance and success of the vast majority of our students makes them excellent ambassadors for the Academy.  It is a requirement that the student's face, Academy tie and blouse/shirt must be clearly visible when wearing our uniform. The maintenance of these standards, of course, requires constant vigilance on the part of both parents and staff.  We greatly appreciate the splendid cooperation we receive from the majority of our parents.  We are also grateful to our principle suppliers, Grays and Whittakers, for their support in maintaining standards and ask that parents should be careful in buying from other suppliers, lest they purchase articles that are of incorrect design and inferior quality.



YEAR 11 have their own tie, available from the Academy, at a cost of £6.50. This is distinctive in both colour and design and different from that worn by Years 7 - 10 and the Sixth Form.

JEWELLERY is not permitted (except a cross around the neck inside the shirt or blouse) for all pupils in Years 7 - 11.

HAIRSTYLES should not follow extremes of fashion within the context of the Academy; e.g. wedges, stepped hair, skinhead cuts, spiked, coloured hair or hair extensions. Hair preparations are not allowed. All male pupils must be clean shaven, and hair must be cut clear of the face and clear of the collar at the back. Girl's hair, if below shoulder length, must be tied back at all times. These are for health and safety reasons.



- Uniform Policy 2017

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