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PSHE provision at St Wilfrid's works across all elements of the curriculum; via the tutor programme, specific subjects in the curriculum, theme days, short courses, and enrichment activities. The ultimate goal of this programme is for it to be inclusive for all and to promote PSHE provision which enhances the wellbeing of all within the Academy.  The delivery of this provision is via a range of methods and it is embedded in all aspects of school life.

The PSHE curriculum model aims to meet all individual, group and local needs via this multi-facetted approach. To enable this to work teachers and students are regularly consulted on the content to be delivered ensuring flexibility in the subject material covered and ensuring it is up to date and relevant. This progressive model across each Key Stage is responsive to student needs and regularly reviewed and revised to ensure that provision is of the highest quality.


- PSHE Day - Discrimination Laws

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