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PODs are pastoral hubs of the Academy and are the central point of contact for any issues regarding student welfare. There is a separate POD for each Key Stage, within which work the Assistant Principal, Heads of Year, Student Support/Child Protection Officers and Admin Managers. Pastoral care for Years 7-8 is overseen by the KS3 POD, for Years 9, 10 and 11 it is the KS4 POD, and for sixth form (Years 12-13) it is the KS5 POD.

A vital part of the pastoral team are the form tutors and they are encouraged to be the first point of contact for parents for day to day issues concerning their child. For more urgent requests or for issues that require help from the Year Manager or Assistant Principal then it is possible to contact each POD directly via our telephone switchboard or via email.



Mr John-Paul Fagan - Assistant Principal KS3 Behaviour

Mr Jonathan Hands - Year 7 Manager

Mr Chris Smith - Year 8 Manager

Mrs Elizabeth Grieve - Year 7/8 Student Support & Child Protection Manager

Mrs A Marsden - POD Administrator 


Miss Tabs Smith - Christian Youth Worker



Mrs Alison Crompton - Assistant Principal KS4 Student Engagement & Behaviour

Mr Mark Reeve - Year 9 Manager

Mr Mark Reeve/Miss Victoria Smith - Acting Year 10 Managers

Miss Victoria Smith - Year 11 Manager

Miss Vikki Eastwood - KS4 Student Support & Child Protection Manager

Ms Janet Foster – KS4 Student Support

Mrs Christine Friend - KS4 Administration Support

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