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Making an application
Applications for admission to the Academy should be made on the common application form enclosed with the Local Authority's brochure, or online, between 1st September 2016 and 31st October 2016. Parents wishing to be considered under faith-based criteria need to complete and return the St Wilfrid's Supplementary Form which is available in the Local Authority brochure or from the Academy website. It is essential that this is done by parents/carers who wish an application under this category to be considered. Failure to complete both application forms will result in your application not being considered.
As the Academy is closed during the half term holidays any applications postmarked by the 31st October 2016 or before will be accepted. The Academy will also accept applications delivered by hand up until 1.00pm on Monday 5thNovember 2016. If you have any concerns regarding the closing date please contact the Clerk to Governors, at the Academy.
Letters informing parents of whether or not their child has been allocated a place will be sent out by the Local Authority by 1st March 2017. Parents of children not admitted will be informed of the reason and offered an alternative place by the Authority. 
Year 7 Appeals - September 2017
Where the Governors are unable to offer a place at the Academy because it is oversubscribed, parents/guardians have the right to appeal against the decision to an independent panel. 
You can request an appeal form from the Clerk to the Governors by phoning 01254 604176 stating clearly the child's name, address and telephone number. Alternatively, a form may also be collected from the Academy during school hours. 
Completed appeal forms must be returned by Monday 31st March 2017. 
Parents will then be invited to submit their case at an appeal hearing which will be held in June 2017.
Parents/guardians will normally receive 10 days' notice of the place and time of the hearing. The outcome of individual appeals will not be determined until all the appeals have been heard, after which the Clerk to the Appeal Panel will notify the parents/guardians in writing.
Please see the downloads below for more information on admissions.


- Church Criteria

- Year 7 - Supplementary Information Form 2016

- In-Year Supplementary Application Form

- Admissions Policy - Year 7 2016 - Determined

- Sixth Form Admission Policy - 2017

- Admissions Policy - Year 7 2017 - Determined

- Admissions Supplementary Form - Year 7 2017

- Admissions 2018-19 - DETERMINED Admissions Policy 2018

- Admissions 2018-19 - Supplementary Form 2018

- Sixth Form Admission Policy - 2018

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