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The Wilfridian Award is an innovative new program designed to stretch and challenge Year 7 students to step out of their comfort zone as they try new things and develop their skill set. We believe that this will improve their confidence, aptitude and academic success.

To be recognised as an “Outstanding Saint Wilfrid’s Student,” each student will be required to meet the criteria outlined below. The successful completion and subsequent graduation will be celebrated in the summer term, where each student will be awarded with a badge to wear on their blazer. This ceremony will also include a BBQ to celebrate all their fantastic effort with teachers, family and friends.

There are six strands to the award;

- Academic Success
- Charity
- Faith
- Service
- Reliability
- Extended learning

Students will be required to take ownership for their own progress towards the award by being organised and keeping a record of what they are doing. They will need to evidence their progress by asking members of staff to sign or stamp a ‘passport’ which will demonstrate they have met the relevant standards.


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