We are looking forward to extending a warm welcome back to all of our students and parents/carers in September. In preparation for the start of the new term next week, please find below a letter that contains some links to a welcome pack of resources that we will require you to read through carefully ahead of your child’s first day (back).

- Welcome Letter to all Parents

Amongst the documents/resources included in the pack you will find a student/parent agreement and a student medical questionnaire that will need to be completed electronically by Monday 31st August. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Academy on 01254 604000 or via email at enquiries@saintwilfrids.com.

Student/Parent agreement
- Student Medical Questionnaire
- Academy Zones (Version 2 for Thurs 3rd Sept onwards)
- Bus Information
Due to updated Government guidance students will now be required to wear face masks in communal areas such as corridors, indoor break areas and toilet zones. Therefore:

- Don’t forget to bring yours with you, including a plastic bag in which it can be safely stored in your blazer pocket when not in use.
- Please ensure that your mask is respectful to others in the Academy and does not have silly, inappropriate or worded logos on it.
Preparing for the day ahead is going to be vitally important on your return in September. Ensure you are in full Academy uniform with all the necessary equipment packed in your bag for the day ahead.

If you are travelling on public transport, don’t forget your face mask and your season ticket. From September, you will also need to bring your packed lunch along with a refillable water bottle. Being prepared will help ensure your term gets off to the best possible start!
We are looking forward to welcoming you each morning from 8:25am. It is important to note that if someone drops you off to school, they will not be allowed to enter the Academy grounds. Upon arrival, please make your way promptly to your year group's designated arrival space. Remember to wash your hands and prepare to make your way to your first lesson.
Due to COVID, the structure of our Academy day has been slightly adapted this year. From your arrival point a member of staff will direct you to your year group's teaching zone for your first lesson. There will be no morning Form time from September – but don’t worry, you won’t miss out on this; your tutor period now takes place later in the day.

We are looking forward to you continuing to display the exceptional attitude to learning expected of all St Wilfrid’s students, working with your teachers to demonstrate independence, resilience and a thirst for learning.
Your safety is of the upmost importance to us and therefore continuing to follow good hygiene habits is crucial. We know you will be washing your hands regularly, catching coughs and sneezes and disposing of used tissues in bins around the Academy. Being aware of people around you and ensuring that you are keeping a sensible social distance will help us all stay safe.
Remember that you will not be able to share equipment with others, so be sure to bring everything you need for the day ahead. This includes books for lesson, a full pencil case and calculator, your iPad (fully charged) and a pair of headphones and PE kit on the day of your lesson. Unfortunately, you will not be able to you use your locker this term, so remember that anything you bring to the Academy, must be kept in your bag and with you at all times (including coats and umbrellas).
We have adapted your timetable so that your movement around the Academy will be kept to a minimum. Teaching and learning, as well as breaks and lunch times, will take place only with your year group and we have made some minor changes to the school day to accommodate this. When moving along corridors and using staircases between lessons, always keep to the left and maintain a sensible distance from those around you.
When leaving the Academy, you will be directed by staff out of your designated exit. Please make your way straight home, go directly to your bus stop or make your way to your pre-arranged, off-site rendezvous point for your lift. You will need to be off site by 3:45pm, unless you are involved in an extra-curricular activity. These will finish no later than 4:30pm. Unfortunately, the LRC will not be available for students after school.
We hope these hints and tips will help you prepare for the new term. Things will seem a little different, but we know how well you will adapt to these changes and settle back into life at the Academy.

Further information with be shared by your Year Manager in your welcome assembly on your first day back.

See you soon!
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