Careers Exploration
We have a careers programme in place over Years 12 and 13 to make sure you get the best grounding possible for your next step. What career you want to go into will shape many of your decisions over your two years in Sixth Form including enrichment choices, work experience, choosing university courses or pursuing an apprenticeship.
Over the next two years the following things will prepare you for your future career:
- Access to a range of resources to aid careers exploration and a weekly opportunity to discuss these with your tutor
- A review meeting with an independent Careers Advisor
- Access to a range of enrichment activities and virtual events and opportunities
- Career talks from industry experts and universities
- Sessions on interview skills, finance and other life skills will prepare you for life after Sixth Form
- Personalised support with your university, apprenticeships and gap year applications
Careers Exploration Resources
The following resources will prove invaluable for you in deciding on your chosen university subject or career path.

Careers Platforms
You will need to start investigating possible careers using  START Careers (register here). When you have registered you can build up a portfolio of your current skills or fill in the competencies to narrow down your area as well as explore a range of careers.

Careers Guide Download yourself a copy of this helpful guide which will take you through some interesting information about your next step choices! Aspire Guide - to University, Further Education and Careers

Another place to explore is the UCAS Careers section on their website which will help you find your dream industry/career https://www.ucas.com/careers-advice

Click here to get access to a range of other resources to help you find that perfect career such as career quizzes and specific careers e.g. Healthcare.
Attend careers fairs/talks
Follow the link below to explore careers event opportunities. These are key to getting a better understanding of the career you want to pursue.

Gap Year Ideas
Don’t want to go straight into the world of work? Click here for access to a range of online opportunities and resources to help you decide. Gap Year Ideas
Completing your application
Completing an application is an important part of your next step preparations. You will no doubt be either applying for university, an apprenticeship or gap year opportunity. With that in mind the following section is dedicated to helping you decide what to apply for and support you in completing those applications. If you want to find out more about the differences between an apprenticeship and the university route you can try the helpful advice on this link Apprenticeship V University.

Below you will find information regarding Higher and Degree Apprenticeship Applications (section A) and University applications (section B). This includes details of in-house support.
Higher and Degree Apprenticeship Applications
Higher and degree apprenticeships offer a combined package of work and study, giving you a qualification alongside loads of real-world experience. You’ll be employed by a company and even paid a wage for the work that you do. The following diagram shows you what level you should be thinking about.
You can complete a Higher or Degree Apprenticeship in a wide range of careers from accounting and law to engineering. Please click here to learn more and find out what you need to do to apply Click here for more information about apprenticeships Higher and Degree Apprenticeships
University Applications
What is UCAS?
All UK based university applications are made through the University and Colleges Admissions Service (“UCAS”). In short, anyone who wants to study an undergraduate degree in the UK will need to apply through UCAS.

In order to apply to university within the UK you will need to submit an online application through UCAS. There are seven sections for completion: 1. Personal details 2. Additional information 3. Student finance 4. Choices 5. Education details 6. Personal statement 7. Employment The process itself is reasonably straightforward but much of the content requires considerable preparation before submission so this is absolutely not something to leave until the last minute. Applications that have been rushed and insufficiently thought-through are obvious and a slap-dash approach could jeopardise opportunities so ensure you invest plenty of time in making the application. Click here for more information regarding your UCAS Application such as how to fill in your application, construct a personal statement and deadlines Your UCAS Applications
In addition, watch this informative video .
There are lots of things you can do to enhance any of your applications whether for an apprenticeship or university. You should be taking part in the St Wilfrid’s Sixth Form Enrichment activities which can be found here.

Enrichment Choices You could join one of the following groups to make sure you get the right bespoke advice and preparation for your chosen path.
This is for students interested in pursuing a career in medicine, dentistry or veterinary science. The programme gives a holistic overview of the medicine industry and the career paths/medical schools available, as well as including practical sessions such as dissection. You will also be coached through the process of applying to university. More information
Aspire (Oxbridge Candidates)
This group is designed for students wanting to apply for the top universities.  You will work on tasks and attend outings which will enhance your application and give you the best chance possible to get in to the university of your choice. Read more about the Aspire Programme here
Click the following link for further information specifically for Oxbridge applications: More information
HAP (Higher Apprenticeship Pathway)
This is for students who are looking to gain a qualification through a different route than university. It is a practical series of meetings which explore the benefits of the higher apprenticeship route and the ways in which you can stand out from other applicants. You will also look at common application questions and a variety of aptitude tests. More information
Enhancing your applications – Careers Events and Opportunities
The link below for events such as careers fairs and university summer schools provides expert information to help you narrow down which career or academic field you want to pursue. Events and Opportunities
Enhancing your applications – University Summer Schools and Opportunities
Click the link below for some University summer schools and other opportunities you can use to gain more information for your application. Keep checking it for updates. Summer Schools and Opportunities
Enhancing our Applications - Work Experience
Work experience (both virtual and in person) is a fantastic way to build up your experience. This will help you stand out during the UCAS and Apprenticeship application process. Keep checking this page to find out about the latest opportunities. Start with the link below which will be updated regularly with work experience opportunities. Work Experience


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