Privacy Policy

Under data protection law, individuals have a right to be informed about how the Academy uses any personal data that we hold about them. This privacy notice explains how we collect, store and use the personal data of the visitors to our website.

We, St Wilfrid’s Church of England Academy, Duckworth Street, Blackburn, BB2 2JR, are the ‘data controller’ for the purposes of data protection law. The Academy is registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Our registration number is Z3050817

Our data protection officer is The Schools People.

St Wilfrid’s Church of England Academy aims to ensure that all personal data collected about staff, students, parents, governors, visitors and other individuals is collected, stored and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the expected provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018) as set out in the Data Protection Bill.

The Academy is registered as a data controller with the ICO and will renew this registration annually or as otherwise legally required.
How we collect your data
We collect all data via online forms, either for contact/communication purposes (non-mandatory collection of data) or for online application to our Sixth Form (mandatory collection for all students applying).
How we store your data
All personal data is stored in line with our data protection policy.
How we plan to use your data
We plan to use the data submitted by yourself for the following reasons:

- For those using the Contact form, the data collected will solely be used to address comments/concerns/questions in relation to the operation of the Academy.
- For those using the Sixth Form Application form, the data collected will be used for the processing of your application, which will include contact via telephone, email or sending mail to a physical address. We will send information regarding the status of your application, plus information about any news and events relevant to the application.
- For those using the Open Evening Online signup form, the data collected will be used for sending out the goody bags, either via the post or via siblings currently attending the Academy.
- We may use the information collected from all sources for data analysis.

When any user of our site sends us personal information, such as their full name, or email address, St Wilfrid’s C of E Academy makes the promise to:
- Never sell your details to anybody else
- Never give your details to any third party, without your express agreement
- Only use the submitted information to shape and improve the educational services we offer

All data is collected anonymously, unless it is explicitly stated otherwise. Any information collected indirectly, will only be used by the Academy to:
- Monitor the volume, pattern and type of web traffic using our website
- Develop further the design/layout of our website and for other administrative purposes

About the Academy website
Our website contains information about the educational services and academic courses offered by St Wilfrid’s C of E Academy.

Every effort has been made to ensure all information contained on this website is accurate, but St Wilfrid’s C of E Academy cannot accept any responsibility for errors, omissions, or any consequences arising from the use of information contained herein.

St Wilfrid’s C of E Academy reserves the right to introduce changes to the information given, including the addition, removal or restructuring of our academic courses. We also reserve the right to update this Policy without prior notice.

The Academy is not responsible for the content or actions of any external Internet sites linked to on this website. The Academy cannot take responsibility for any translations made by an external translation tool, that is used to convert any of our website content. For any content that we create in any language other than English, we cannot guarantee complete accuracy of the translation.
Analytical Data Collection
We do monitor and extensively record the connections to and from our Academy website’s servers. We do this for security purposes and the detection and prevention of abuse, as well as for analytical/performance measures. The monitoring data collected includes: browser type; domain names; traffic volumes; temporal data; IP information; and data posted from all web-forms on our website.

By using our website, you accept that anonymous data will be collected about how you use this website, including the pages you have visited and how long you visited them for. When you click a link that takes you away from our website, we will be informed which site you visited. In all instances, this data is completely anonymous and cannot be traced to you. Data collected is only used to help us understand how our website is used, so that we can improve how it works.

If you wish to stop this collection of data from happening, you can disable the use of cookies within your web browser settings. The data is collected by a third party provider, Google Analytics, therefore we cannot place any restrictions on how this data is collected or how they manage this collection. However, all of the data is kept safe, secure, anonymous, only available to St Wilfrid’s C of E Academy and will only be viewed by St Wilfrid’s C of E Academy and approved personnel when required.
We do use ‘cookies’ on some parts of our site to improve the quality of the services offered.
What are Cookies?
Cookies are small electronic files which a website can transfer to a user’s hard drive to identify a user and personalise their use of that website. Our web-server automatically collects standard information such as a user’s IP address, browser type, operating system, access times, etc. We also use cookies to offer ways to customise your user experience, should you wish, such as accessibility tools like text size increasing and decreasing.

There are a few different types and categories of cookies:

Session cookies
These are specific to your browsing session and expire when your browser is closed or when you leave the site. These cookies ensure that you are recognised when you move from page to page within the sites, and any information entered is remembered.

Permanent/persistent cookies
These cookies remain on your computer, even when you have closed your browser. They remember information such as login details, so you don’t have to type them in every time you use a site. Permanent cookies are stored on your device (browser or mobile device), and expire after an allocated time, or until you choose to delete them.

First and Third-party cookies
First-party cookies are those that are created by us.Third-party cookies are those which are placed by third party sites. These ones are typically persistent.
First party Cookies in use
We need to use certain cookies to ensure users of our website have the best possible experience. This includes using caching, which helps pages load up quicker and respond faster to your requests.
Third party Cookies in use
Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics, a web-analytics service provided by Google, Inc. This service uses cookies to help us analyse how users interact with our website.

Google Docs
We use Google Docs to display data about our Governors.

We embed videos from our Vimeo channel, a service provided by Vimeo, LLC (Vimeo).

We embed videos from YouTube using the privacy-enhanced mode.

We link some of our content to Facebook via ‘share’ buttons.

We may sometimes pull tweets from our Academy Twitter accounts and link some content to Twitter via ‘share’ buttons.
Refuse Cookie Tracking
At St Wilfrid’s, we are committed to protecting your data and any information we collect about you online. You can withdraw your consent to accept cookies at any time, through the settings page on your browser:

Cookie settings in Chrome
Cookie settings in Safari
Cookie settings in Internet Explorer
Cookie settings in Firefox

Most web browsers enable you to gain control of cookies through their settings page. However, if you turn off cookies, you may not be able to use the full functionality and services of our website, such as watching embedded videos. You will still be able to see the text content of all of our pages.
Contact Us
If you have any questions, concerns or would like more information about anything mentioned in this privacy notice, please contact our data protection officer:

The Schools People
44 Tyndall Court

Tel: 01773 851 078
Email: DPOService@schoolspeople.co.uk.  

Changes to this Privacy Notice
This Privacy Notice will be reviewed annually or as necessary in response to changes in Data Protection legislation.  We reserve the right to update this Privacy Notice at any time, and we will provide you with a new Privacy Notice when we make any substantial updates.
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