At St Wilfrid’s, we are proud of the standards of the Academy uniform which our students continue to achieve. The attitude, behaviour, appearance and success of the vast majority of our students makes them excellent ambassadors for the Academy. The maintenance of these standards, of course, requires constant vigilance on the part of both parents and staff. We greatly appreciate the splendid cooperation we receive from the majority of our parents.

We are also grateful to our principle suppliers, Grays and Whittakers, for their support in maintaining standards and ask that parents should be careful in buying from other suppliers, lest they purchase articles that are of incorrect design and inferior quality.

YEARS 7-11

Blazer – Navy-blue blazer embroidered with an Academy badge. A Blazer must be worn at all times.

Shirt/Blouse – A plain white, cotton, long or short sleeved shirt that can be worn with an Academy tie.

Tie – A tie purchased from the Academy that identifies a students’ year of entry. If entitled to,students in Year 11 may wear a sports tie or prefect tie.

Skirt – Navy blue pleated skirt with an Academy embroidered badge, to be worn at knee length.

Trousers – Charcoal grey trousers or navy-blue trousers embroidered with the Academy badge. Trousers should be full length covering ankles.

Jumper/Cardigan – Optional. Plain, long sleeved, navy-blue v neck jumper or cardigan.

Shoes - Plain black, flat-heeled, substantial leather or PU shoes (no significant branding) – suede orcanvas shoes are not practical for Academy wear and should not be worn. Boots, casual shoes, trainers are unacceptable.

Outdoor Coat - Plain, dark coloured outdoor coat that is worn over the top of a students’ blazer. A hooded top is not permitted.

School Bag – A plain St Wilfrid’s branded navy-blue school bag that is purchased from the Academy. This is colour coded by year of entry. An additional bag may be permitted to carry PE kit.

Optional Headscarf – Plain navy-blue or black headscarf that is tied.

Socks - When wearing a skirt, short white ankle socks are permitted. When wearing trousers, studentsshould wear black socks.

Tights – These must be plain black.

Apron - All KS3 students need a food apron.


- Polo shirt with embroidered badge
- Reversable St Wilfrid’s rugby shirt for rugby on grass / St Wilfrid’s hoody sweatshirt
- St Wilfrid’s shorts / St Wilfrid’s skorts
- White ankle sports socks
- Gold St Wilfrid’s Football/Hockey Socks
- Football Boots for Football or Rugby on grass
- Predominantly white trainers for indoor use
- A bobble must be worn for students with long hair
- St Wilfrid’s tracksuit bottoms, shin pads, plain black leggings can be worn under skorts, under armour style base layer
- A Lycra sports headscarf. No other headscarf will be permitted, for health and safety purposes
- Gum shields for Rugby
- Shin pads for Football


(INTAKE 2023/24)
– Academy Bag (Yellow Stripe)
(INTAKE 2022/23)
– Academy Bag (Red Stripe)
(INTAKE 2021/22)
– Academy Bag (All Navy)
(INTAKE 2020/21)
– Academy Bag (Green Stripe)
(INTAKE 2019/20)
– Academy Bag (Blue Stripe)
YEARS 9 - 11
– Academy Bag (All Black)
YEARS 9 - 11
– Academy Kit Bag (All Navy)


– Plain black v-neck sweater or cardigan
– White or Blue shirt
– Sixth Form Tie
– Sixth Form Lanyard
– Smart, plain black trousers
– Smart, plain black shoes
– Plain black sweater, cardigan or smart jacket
– White OR pale blue blouse
– Sixth Form Tie
– Sixth Form Lanyard
– Smart, plain black trousers or knee-length skirt
– Smart, flat or low-heeled black shoes
– A black dress may be worn as long as the shirt and tie is clearly visible and it is of appropriate length
We would like to offer parents quality second-hand uniform and in the process raise some money for charity.
Donating Uniform
We welcome donations of gently-used uniform items that your children may have grown out of.

All items of uniform will been checked for quality and washed, but please:

- Clear all pockets
- Check for holes, rips and snags
- Cut out name labels

Items can be dropped off at reception.
Receiving Uniform
All we ask for is a small donation towards our designated Academy charity, Compassion.

We believe that this uniform initiative will not only help families to save money, but also help us all to live in a more sustainable way with less waste.
If you would like to receive some gently-used items of Academy uniform, please use the link below and fill out a short form. We will then get in touch to let you know when you can collect the uniform items.
Request Uniform

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