Christian Ethos, Vision & Values

Our Christian Ethos
As a Church of England Academy, the Christian Ethos, Vision and Values filter through each and every aspect of our lives. We have been described as providing “a distinctively Christian environment in which all students and staff, from whatever background, are supported and encouraged to flourish and be the best they can be” (SIAMs Report 2016).

Our Vision

The vision of St Wilfrid’s is taken from our motto and a verse from the gospel of John. We believe that this life should be lived out to the full, through direction and guidance from the Lord. Our hope is that the daily experiences within the Academy will enable our students to develop holistically; growing in character and valuing all others.

Students will learn values through academic study and everyday interactions. They will be inspired by the spiritual and enriching out-of-lesson experiences, and in turn, inspire hope in others.

Students will become stronger, well-rounded and content individuals who value themselves and others. They will be given opportunities to develop and experience a fully-inclusive environment.

Our Values (Pebbles)
As an Academy, we believe each student has the opportunity to influence far beyond the walls of the Academy. For this reason, we know it is essential to equip our students with Christian values that serve as an anchor in their lives. We have 13 pebbles that each symbolise a value of the academy:

Wisdom, Hope, Love, Koinonia, Trust, Patience, Service, Honesty, Courage, Thankfulness, Forgiveness, Respect and Contentment.
Why pebbles? When a pebble is dropped into water, it creates a ripple effect which spreads out across the water. This is what we believe our students can do; influence others in their communities, with these Christian values being the first thing people notice.
From the 13 values, we have Four Core Values that the Academy holds at the heart of all we do:
Wisdom is central to both the academic performance of our students, and to our abilities to make wise choices. Our students are taught to make wise choices which lead them to experience success and develop their independence and resilience.
Hope encapsulates our desire to make a positive difference in the world. It helps us to focus on the needs of others, above our own. Our students experience success and are inspired to work with staff to make the Academy a positive environment for all. Our students and staff are supported to take care of their wellbeing. This is also evidenced in our desire to promote health and wellbeing in our sponsorship of children in Rwanda through Compassion.
Love is a foundation for all our interactions with others. We strive to treat others as we would like to be treated, and by putting the needs of others above our own. Our staff and students demonstrate the values of respect, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion and appreciate the diversity and difference within our community. By doing this we celebrate the beauty of difference and mutual respect.
Koinonia is our desire for all staff, students and stakeholders who become part of the Wilfridian family. We learn together, compete together, celebrate together, mourn together. We wish that all those who come, know they belong. Our Academy community is built upon fellowship where students are leaders and all members are working towards fairness, positivity, respect and we have clear communication of our expectations to all.
A distinctively Christian environment in which all students and staff, from whatever background, are supported and encouraged to flourish and be the best they can be.
SIAMS Report
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