The Wilfridian Award

The Wilfridian Award is an innovative program designed to stretch and challenge Year 7 students to step out of their comfort zone as they try new things and develop their skill set. We believe that this will improve their confidence, aptitude and academic success.

To be recognised as an “Outstanding St Wilfrid’s student,” each student will be required to meet the criteria outlined below. The successful completion and subsequent graduation will be celebrated in the summer term, where each student will be awarded with a badge to wear on their blazer.

Students will be required to take ownership for their own progress towards the award by being organised and keeping a record of what they are doing. They will need to evidence their progress by asking members of staff to sign or stamp a ‘passport’ which will demonstrate they have met the relevant standards.

Elements of the Wilfridian Award


Reading challenges, homework challenges and your attitude to learning.

Raising money for our partner charity.

Participation in worship and cultural activities.

Volunteering your time in service of others.

Achieving excellent attendance and punctuality.

Attending House Events and Extra Curricular activities.
Click here for an overview of this year's full criteria.

Where does all the money raised go?

All the money raised through the Wilfridian Award goes to Blackburn Foodbank, one of our local partner organisations. Over the years, we have raised over £35,000, which has enabled to the foodbank to develop their facilities and launch a variety of initiatives. They have installed a new IT suite to help people find jobs, developed a clothing bank, provided new showers and toilets and built a food demonstration station, where people can learn how to cook for themselves on a low budget. Our students have excelled in their charitable efforts and selected students each year get to visit the food bank and see it in operation.
The Wilfridian Next Level builds on all the hard work and effort students put into the Wilfridian Award in Year 7.

It has been designed to help you enhance your CV, develop new skills and ‘stand above the crowd’ when it comes to applying for Universities, Apprenticeships and Jobs.

You will aim to complete a series of challenges within similar categories to Year 7 (Literacy, Maths, Faith, Citizenship and Extended Learning) but within each category there will be 3 increasingly difficult levels to work through; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Throughout the duration of the award, students will have the chance to complete the Archbishop of York Young Leader's award. The Young Leaders Award is a school-based active citizenship programme, which equips young people with leadership skills and gives them practical opportunitiesin the 3 areas of faith, hope and action, in order to make a difference in their local community and beyond.

Elements of the Wilfridian Next Level


Reading challenges.

Well-Good and homework challenges.

Attending House Events and Extra Curricular activities.

Raising money for charity and volunteering your time in service of others.

Participation in worship and cultural activities.
Empowering young people to “be the change they want to see" in their lives & communities!


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