iPad Scheme

Our iPad scheme at St Wilfrid’s has proven to be an important part of a students’ learning toolkit, where learning has been transformed to be more personal, focussed and innovative. Students can seamlessly continue with classroom work at home, work collaboratively with teachers and students, and use a variety of multi-media tools to apply and demonstrate their understanding.

The use of technology compliments traditional learning and teaching methods and also prepares students to be responsible digital citizens as they go into further educational or work settings. A 1:1 device allows students to actively take responsibility for their learning and the organisation of it by accessing Firefly, our online learning platform. Here students can check homework, view the timetable, record events in an online diary and work remotely should they ever need to.

Our scheme is run in collaboration with parents and we ask for your support in helping it to continue. For more information on the scheme please contact Mr L Wild – lwild@saintwilfrids.com
How to Set Up Your Academy iPad
Please watch the video and read through the PDF guide linked below in order to correctly set up your iPad for use at the Academy.
iPad Setup Guide 2023 (PDF)
E-Safety Video for Parents/Carers
Making sure your children are safe when using technology in the Academy, and more importantly at home, is a primary concern of ours.

Watch our short video for some guidelines and tips on how you as a parent/carer can play your part in this.

Academy 'Buy Back' Scheme

The Academy Buy Back Scheme is designed to help students continue to use an iPad device for their learning with an up to date model that is able to run current operating systems and applications. We are offering students the new 6th Generation 9.7 inch iPad with insurance options that will last until your child leaves the Academy in Year 11.

The scheme involves handing in your current device for assessment. A monetary value will be given against the cost of a new device. For a device that has been kept in good condition you can expect to get between £30-100 against a new device.

This will involve handing in your device for assessment. Pupils will need to sign out of Find My iPhone, any iCloud services and the App Store. They should also take care to store anything that they want to see in cloud services such as iCloud, OneDrive or GoogleDrive. One their device is handed in they may be without a device for up to three weeks.

Once assessed we can let you know how much money you can get against a new device.

We can offer:
– An iPad 6th Generation on its own for £300 (minus the value of your trade in)
– An iPad 6th Generation with case, apps and insurance up to the 31st June 2020 for £400 (minus the value of your trade in)

These prices are competitive with prices on the high street for the latest iPad model from Apple.

The insurance policy is the same as our current scheme and covers accidental damage, technical fault and theft. iPads must be kept in their cases at all times and when reporting a theft claim, a crime number must be presented. The length of insurance is different for Year 10 and 11 students and is designed to last for the rest of your child’s studies at the Academy.

For any more information about this scheme, please contact Mr Wild – lwild@saintwilfrids.com


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