Year 7

Core Subjects

Here is a useful video from the Parents’ Information and iPad evening. It outlines the subject content for English, Science and Maths and mentions some of the key equipment you’ll be required to bring.

Parent Induction Presentation

Here is the Parent Induction Presentation for our new Year 7 intake for September 2021. Please watch the link at your leisure and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any follow up questions.

Wilfridian Award

The Wilfridian Award is an innovative new program designed to stretch and challenge Year 7 students to step out of their comfort zone as they try new things and develop their skill set. This video highlights some of the things that last year’s Year 7 students learnt.

Learn more about the Wilfridian.

E-Safety & iPad Usage

Here is our ‘Top Tips Guide‘ and some additional resources that will help you to use your iPads safely and responsibly:







iPad Scheme 2021

Please watch the video and read through the letters and information linked below. There is another video on the iPad Scheme page which breaks down the different options for you.

- iPad for Learning Option Letter

Fantastic 50

The Fantastic 50 award celebrates the consistent achievement of students for Behaviour, Effort and Homework. Watch this short video to find out more.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

This is a brilliant scheme for you to develop leadership skills and have a voice amongst your peers.

If you’d like to sign up to be become an Anti-Bullying Ambassador, speak to the POD for more details.

ParentPay Setup

Here's a guide on how to activate your account.

Here's a guide on how to pay for items.

Resources for Parents

These resources provide information, tips and questions to help you open up discussion with your child about the transition and help prepare them for starting secondary school.

Transition Into Secondary School
Making The Change
Helping Your Child Get Into Good Habits
Building Resilience
Growth Mindset

[LIMITED TIME] Free Studio TV course on Transition

Upcoming Events for Year 7
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