Our curriculum empowers our students to "live life to the full."

This means an education at Saint Wilfrid's Church of England Academy is about more than examination results and is built upon our foundation verse from John 10 v 10. 
We do this through an ACE curriculum that is:

- Ambitious and academic;
- Crafted expertly so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught, to secure strong outcomes;
- Evidence informed - taught by staff who are passionate about their subject and whose practice is informed by evidence, theory and research.
We have Four Core Values which drive all we do. Collectively we seek to:
- Learn Wisdom
- Inspire Hope
- Value Love
- Experience Koinonia
Our mission statement is rooted both in the tradition of the school, as shown in our mission statement, and richly established in scripture. As we look at each of the four areas, we will explain how these truths shape our Leadership, classroom practice. Click here for further information regarding the scripture and our aspiration.
More detail about our curriculum can be requested by emailing mtrohear@saintwilfrids.com. Our remote education offer can be accessed by Firefly.
Year 7 - 9
All of our students study a broad range of subjects that develop knowledge and skills in traditional academic subjects alongside a broad range of creative and artistic subjects.
Core Subjects
English Y7 / Y8 / Y9
Maths Y7 / Y8 / Y9
Science Y7 / Y8 / Y9
RE Y7 / Y8 / Y9
PE Y7 / Y8 / Y9
French Y7 / Y8 / Y9
Geography Y7 / Y8 / Y9
History Y7 / Y8 / Y9
Creativity & Exploration
Art Y7 / Y8
Computer Science Y7 / Y8
Design Technology Y7 / Y8
Learning For Life
Music Y7 / Y8
Special Provision
Access Group
Year 9 Creative Option
Students will study a combination of core and optional subjects.
Art Y9
Computer Science Y9
Design Technology Y9
Drama Y9
Event Operations Y9
Food Preparation and Nutrition Y9
Music Y9
Photography Y9
Year 10 - 11
Students reduce their options by 1 subject in Years 10 and 11. This gives them more curriculum time to concentrate on their final choices, thus gaining greater depth of knowledge and understanding.
Core Subjects
English Language Y10 / Y11
English Literature Y10 / Y11
Mathematics Y10 / Y11
Science Trilogy Y10 / Y11
RE Y10 / Y11
PE Y10 / Y11
GCSE Options
Art Y10 / Y11
Business Y10 / Y11
Computer Science Y10 / Y11
Design Technology Y10 / Y11
Drama Y10 / Y11
Food Preparation and Nutrition Y10 / Y11
French Y10 / Y11
Geography Y10 / Y11
History Y10 / Y11
Music Y10 / Y11
Photography Y10
Separate Science Y10 / Y11
Sports Studies Y10 / Y11
Vocational Options
Creative iMedia Y10 / Y11
Child Development
Sport CAMNAT Y11
Special Provision
Event Operations Y10 / Y11
Key Stage 5
In Sixth Form, we provide students with a range of A-Levels and vocational courses that prepare students for academic life at a university or in a Higher Apprenticeship Pathway. Students choose at least 3 courses.

Please see our prospectus.
Business Studies
Computer Science
English Language
English Literature
Mathematics / Further Mathematics
Media Studies
Product Design
Vocational Courses
Applied Science
Health and Social Care
Additional Courses
Maths AS-Level
English or Maths GCSE resit (for students not achieving a Level 4)
PSHE aims to encourage all students to grow, develop and flourish into confident, resilient and compassionate individuals and as members of our society. It encourages and equips students with the knowledge and skills to make decisions that contribute to healthy and balanced lifestyles, positive relationships, economic well-being, the achievement of aspirations and their involvement and impact within the wider community. We believe that PSHE enhances our vision to equip all students with the knowledge and skills to be able to live out the Academy vision ‘Lord direct us to live life to the full.’ Hence the title for our PSHE subject is ‘LIVE’.
LIVE is delivered to all year groups in an age-appropriate and sensitive manner. The curriculum is centred on six core themes: ‘Rights, Responsibilities and British Values’; ‘Celebrating Diversity and Equality’; ‘Relationships and Sex Education’; ‘Staying Safe On and Offline’; ‘Health and Wellbeing’ and; ‘Life Beyond School’. All year groups will study each theme once a year and these themes reflect the National Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) and health education. The Core themes are visited a number of times throughout a student’s life and each year students can reflect and build upon the previous year’s learning. Visits from external agencies provide a depth and breadth of coverage that is invaluable and we encourage external visitors or external visits whenever possible.
LIVE is taught through weekly PSHE lessons, sessions and workshops and is also embedded throughout the wider curriculum.


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