Student Council

The Student Council is an active part of St Wilfrid’s, comprising of two student representatives from each year group. These reps are elected by their peers in September during election week. Reps meet every two weeks to raise issues that students are having in the Academy and explore ways to solve them.

Staff also consult the Student Council with any ideas or projects they have, so the students can have a direct input in to how the Academy is run. The Student Council regularly meets with the Senior Leadership team to share ideas and projects they would like to see started within the Academy.

There are also year group meetings, where two form captains from each form meet monthly with their Year Manager and Student Council reps. Any year-specific issues are dealt with directly by the Year Manager and any big issues are brought to discussion at the Student Council meeting.

Student Voice is highly sought after in St Wilfrid’s and we encourage as many students as possible to make suggestions for ways to improve the Academy.

Partnered Charities

This year the Academy has been continuing its work with the charity Compassion. A full write up of this year's activity will be available soon.
At the start of the 2018/19 academic year, students were introduced to two new toilet blocks within the Academy. As a result, the Student Council has challenged the Academy to raise enough money to sponsor a toilet in a developing country to match each new toilet built within the Academy. Therefore, one of our chosen charities for this year is Toilet Twinning.

The cost to sponsor a toilet is £60 and we believe that this is a such a small amount in order to provide a toilet for those who need access to them the most. We have challenged students to ‘spend a penny, save a life’ and donate any loose change to one of our old toilets, as well as many other fund raising activities across the year.

You, your family, or even your business can also get involved, by choosing to twin a toilet via the ParentPay Shop.
In the 2017/18 academic year, the Student Council chose East Lancashire Hospice and Water Aid as the partnered charities for the Academy to focus on raising money for. Students felt that these were two worthy charities, as they sought to make a difference both locally and globally. Students have experiences of relatives who have used the facilities at ELH and felt it was important to support a cause which has had a huge impact within our community. Students also recognised the importance that Water Aid has played in providing clean sanitation to those who need it most in the world.


Our Student Council reps took a trip to East Lancashire Hospice to find out more about the services on offer and to explore their fantastic facilities:


St Wilfrid’s facilities team helped the Student Council to build a well! It features a long pipe from the top floor, where forms can empty their full bottles of change.

Student Life

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