World Book Day 2022

March 3, 2022
Photos from this year's World Book Day celebrations in the LRC

World Book Day is a significant event in libraries across the world. Many schools celebrate it in their own way: book fairs, students and staff dressing as book characters and other book-related quizzes and activities.

This year, to commemorate the day, Miss Suffield and her team of student librarians, hosted a range of activities. Year 10 librarian Aliya ran a 'Guess the Book from the Quote' Blooket, which was highly competitive and also helped her to achieve her Silver Librarian Award.

Head Librarian Phoebe (Y11) ran a stall where students could exchange their £1 book tokens for a free World Book Day book.

There was also a 'Guess the Shelf' challenge, where students and staff took photos of their bookshelves and students had to guess which shelf portrait belonged to whom. Teachers participated in the festivities by filling in posters to stick in their classrooms with the title of the book they are currently reading.

Mr Reeve had also set a House Event WBD challenge, where staff and students were asked to create a book character using empty toilet rolls! Katie S won first place for Exeter with her amazing Little Women display, followed closely by Miss Allman's Mr Tickle (for Truro).

It was so nice being able to celebrate World Book Day back inside of the Academy once again!

Aliya (Y10) and Phoebe (Y11)

- Thanks to Olivia (Y12) for capturing all the photos for the event

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