Day of Prayer and Reflection

March 23, 2021
A representative of students from the Academy took part in a special service down at the Cathedral, marking the anniversary of the national lockdown.

The service was part of a 'Day of Prayer and Reflection', hosted by the Cathedral, where a candle was lit in honour of every person who has died across Lancashire in the last year. Over 4000 candles were laid out across the floor and as the service began, the lighting commenced.

There were also six larger candles in the centre, which represented areas of focus for the prayers during the service. Members from different sects of the community were invited to light these as prayers were read out. Key workers from the hospital and fire services, as well as representatives from Blackburn Council, Parliament, the Church of England and also the High Sheriff of Lancashire were in attendance.

Year 8 student Rebecca was selected on behalf of the Academy to light the candle, which partnered a prayer for "a more stable future, where all can flourish and community life can be rebuilt." As attendees left the service they were encouraged to take a ribbon and tie it to the fence of the Cathedral as a visual reminder for those passing by to see. The Cathedral will remain open for the rest of the day for anyone wishing to stop by and see the candles lit and pay their own respects.

It was an honour to take part and share a moment of prayer and reflection for all that has happened this last year, as well as look forward to a brighter future together.

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